Jira Thivawongsakal
Coldwell Banker Realty 415.871.5512.




“I met Jira 3-4 years ago. She knew one of my close friends. Since then I kept in touch with her. I knew I would purchase a house in the future.

Jira and Patrick is a partnership love real estate. I cannot thank both of them enough to make the deal go through. There were a lot of problems with the deal (our loan officer quit a week before closing), so stressful and frustrating but they will give you the best solution.

In our case, our loan was complicated and when our loan officer quit, I kept in touch with Jira every day about the loan. We came up plan A and B. Plan a wire the money from overseas and Plan B get a hard money loan.

However, I ended up wiring the money from overseas. Everything went smoothly! Thank you, Jira, who always be there for me the whole time from the offer day to the close days. She did not disappear. You can reach out to her anytime but when she was busy, she would tell you and she would call you back. It was great to hire the right agent to make my dreams come true.”

Tanawut A, Daly City, CA 




“Thank you Jira for helping me purchase my very FIRST HOME!!! Was this stressful? Hell yeah but Jira got me the best deal ever and I have zero regrets! She definitely knows how to get the right price for your dream home. If you're looking to buy and I mean really ready I would contact her because she'll get it done and fast. Often times negotiations go back and forth for so long that you might feel disappointed, frustrated and will want to give up. Once I told Jira my price point we stuck to it and got our home. Jira is a successful professional businesswoman, knows how to hustle and does it well with all the grace. She clearly cares about her clients and I knew I was in good hands from the start. She will listen to you and you'll never get a salesperson feel. Obviously this is a big purchase so contact her to let her know what you want and she'll make it happen. Thank you a million times Jira! You ROCK!!”

J C. San Francisco, CA



“OK...I don't think Jira and Patrick go to sleep!  At least, I don't think they did when they were in charge of selling our house in SSF!  They are around-the-clock working to get everything set up from flyers, staging, prepping, finding you the help you need (painters, etc.) to make things happen.

They are VERY good listeners, great strategizes and always have their finger on the pulse of the market.  They analyze the data well and put it in layman terms to help you understand.

They made everything easy, pain-free and fast!  They hold your hands and never leave you wondering what the latest status is.  They're always in communication with you to make sure you are in the loop and you're providing with them with the approvals they need to move forward.

It didn't matter that I was traveling internationally and time zones were different, everything that needed to sign was and was timely too.

Patrick's got a wicked drone video that's just amazing - technology combined with publicity and brains!  What more can you ask for? Go with them and you'll all win!

Glory J, San Francisco, CA




“Patrick and Jira found out I needed to sell my home through my son.  When I first met them, they were very energetic, polite and professional. They went overboard with extra effort and took time to show the property and met the neighbors around the area. They did drone video and there extensive advertising including a spot on ABC7's "At Home in the Bay Area" They made sure everyone knew it was for sale. It is also took me to tour other listings to give me a heads up on the competition price wise.  They did open house long hours, twilight tour, broker tours. They took care of all my concerns until escrow closed. On the last day, there was a roadblock concerning the title. Patrick went to the bank, the title company and he did everything to insure the deal closed on time.  I highly recommend them, plus you get two of them!  Patrick is a former reporter with KPIX, and Jira has done hair and make up for weddings for 25 years.  They are honest and hardworking.  Let them help you find or sell for you.”

Bob K, Foster City, CA





"Looking to buy my own place in the Bay Area. It is not easy.  It is a lot of competition plus cash buyers, investors make even harder. I had looked for my dream house for 3 years. I was very stressed out and didn't enjoy to look at a place anymore until I found Jira and Patrick for a referral.

They are very positive, enjoyable, a lot of good energy so they made me start looking again.  I like Jira. Before starting working with me, she handed me a Coldwell buyer package. It s very helpful tool I have never gotten from anywhere. I knew all the processes to buy the home. She made everything is so easy and enjoyable. She came up with a plan, got to know me before talking. She was a very good listener, remembered what I said. She wrote every down on a piece of a paper and iPhone.  She remembered all a little things even though I forgot already.  All the transactions fun, enjoy working with them and become a good friend. They treat me like the family. It's hard to find a good realtor right this. My past I met so many bad realtors. They didn't talk to me if you don't have a preapproval from the lender but this time. They believed in me. They were there with me whenever I need. All phone calls. I called them late night or early morning.  Jira recommended me to know one of her lenders. I m trust her. Everything turned out very good. I got good interest and more money for the loan.  Jira is outgoing. She knows so many people and has good networking.  She knows a lot of realtors in the Bay Area. I had a chance to get the home because of them. I m highly recommend this company.  Thanks guys the best Agents in the bay area”

Victor M R, Diamond Bar, CA





Patrick and Jira helped me and my family to write an offer property in San Bruno last March 2019. I want to write this yelp how THANKSFUL of this couple help me. The transaction was fun and smooth. They both are good listening, very careful of my detail, replied my text/ email/ phone call so quickly. In the past we had so much bad experiences to hire some agents, who just asked for the job but disappointed and disappeared. It was so frustrating but not Patrick and Jira.  They were always on the game, kept me updating what we needed to know and got things done quick.  The fact what I like, you hire one but you get one agent so you get the couple agent and they team to help you.  We will go on working with them for my future purchase house and highly recommend to everyone about them.

Gtx p. San Francisco, CA




"Jira, Patrick, and their team are thoughtful agents and a kind group. They listened to everything that I wanted, did not waited the last min to update, quick response, and called back immediately even when busy. They knew the real estate game and can navigate the Bay Area real estate landscape well. I like the fact that before starting working with them, they didn't have me to write an agreement right away but they waited until I was ready. I said "No" the 1st time to do business with them but they had no hard feelings. I have talked to 7 agent groups but this is the team not only did what I want but still have a lot of skill and knowledge.  Most of the time I was so stressed but they made it a fun and enjoyable experience. Every day, I was so excited to pick up the phone from them, with my laughing, joyful, not avoid it as other agents who were trying to make money. We talked more about my emotional issues, they understood what hard time I was having but they found a better way and created my marketing plan before working.  They have good positive energy, and always said ok to me. If they said "NO", they will come up with the reasons why they didn't agree with what I thought. We hang out a few times before I moved forward to working with them in order to get to know them. It was a big deal to work a good real estate team who care about you, not for about themselves.  Last but not least they are a team, not one-man show. I like it. Patrick is more outdoors, open houses show all the properties but Jira is more about details, contract, and marketing plan, negotiated about the business. They knew about people, have good connections in the bay area, they have so many businesses before becoming realtors and still. Good thing for that because if they knew a lot of people- good networking, they can sell your house so quickly with the highest price and negotiate for the lowest price for their buyers."

Toei T. Castro Valley, CA




Lease, Lease, and Lease.

Too much & expensive the real estate in the bay area. Nothing we can do but renting, keeping all cash in one place, purchasing our future 1st house in the future with the right time.  Last month, I had Jira and team, helped us to find a temporary home. We called "lease".  Her team got back to us a few days after. We told her what we were looking for.  She gave us 3 options for the lease. Those options that she provided we loved them all but unfortunately, we needed to choose one of them.  Jira and her team will be there for you 24/7. I text her at 4 am in the morning. I still got the text message back within 5 min.  CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

Taan T, San Francisco, CA




They were there at real estate to show the houses before we arrived.  All the lights turn on at the real estate before we were there. I felt like our home, good presentation.  You got me + Big plus!! "

Jira was unbelievably helpful as I and my family tried to buy a condo in Millbrae. She was reliable, diligent, responsive, helpful and personable. She was so quick with email, returned a phone call. She answered our a million questions as always. She's a big time networking in the business and good relationship with other realtor agents, which it makes the transactions smooth, gets the best deal.  She's good with negotiating. We are highly recommended of her.”

Iyad J, Anaheim, CA




“I have Jira helping me to find the house in the San Mateo area. 
She was a good realtor. And working hard to get the thing I need for me to get. I was very happy with her effort and working hard women as she is. 
Thanks you so much for your efforts to find the place for m. 
I am going to recommend her to my friend. To find the best place for them.”

Wirapong N, San Mateo, CA




”Jira and Patrick are one of a lovely kind real estate agent. They are very knowledgeable, fun and easy to work with. You will not regret working with her. Best.  Patrick is a hard-working man, showed a lot of real estate to us even though we didn't put an offer. He very understands you.  Jira is all about contracts queen, negotiated, make the deal success.  Love this team.


Linda L, San Francisco, CA




“I have known Jira for years. She has so much skills whatever she is doing, responsibility, reliable. She is quick for email, phone call. She will be there for you, if you need her to find your dream home and get thing done quickly. She is good negotiated. For a buyer, she can get a good deal for your dream home. For a seller, she will make sure you get the highest price.  Highly recommend of her and team.”

Waan W. San Francisco, CA




“One of the best realtor companies out there in the Bay Area. They were very accommodating with my busy crazy schedule, which was important to me due to how busy I am. They were always truthful and honest with everything I asked which I find very valuable in a realtor.
--They were supering attentive and reliable!  They could squeeze in perfectly into my spot!  They reply to my text less than 5 min so why I m so in love. They must not sleep but working for a client all the time 24/7?  I love the fact, that they were careful and asked what I needed first.  It was all about me not them. They provided great customer service. I even stopped by meeting Jira at her salon. We had a great time and got a thing done just one day because I m so busy woman. However highly recommend this team.”

May Pimmada R, Burlingame, CA




"As a first time, a new future business owner yet needing guidance. It 's tough to find a good real estate agent who helped me to find a business location like a Thai massage in the Bay Area without paying the fee (free consultation 24/7), which it is not much available with the right price in this economic time. I m not sure what a location will be yet but super helpful from her business experiences. Every time the conversation, I learned so much.

I m still searching and needing Jira and team, her connection to help for all the business details, licenses, all kinds. Jira is known well about the real estate buy/sell/lease and she also knows much about the business marketing, good network, have so much her clienteles in her hand, the great connection in social media. She is the queen of social media.  Love to do business with her and go on working with our future house.

Sakuna L. San Francisco, CA




“Most amazing agents I had the pleasure to work with. They took the time to get and understand my needs. Instantly without reserve, the went to work and found me exactly what I wanted! Very professional and always made me feel like family! Highly recommended for your real estate needs in the Bay Area!”

Patrick J, Carlsbad, CA




“I have known Patrick for nearly a decade and he was able to refer me to a local agent (Cathy Floppily) who helped me buy my first place in the East Bay! Patrick is a true professional and put my needs over his own. I highly recommend this group for your Bay Area real estate needs.”

Gregg R. San Francisco, CA




After a year searching for a flat in San Mateo. We realized that the task was much harder than we had imagined. We were actually exhausted and bordering desperation until we found Patrick and Jira.  They spent time with us, were patient, thorough, kind, and made us feel very secure. Special we were first homebuyers. Didn’t know anything and scare and had so many bad experiences. 
- They are good listeners
- They know the market really well in San Mateo 
- They know how to negotiate
- They make good use of your time and quick responded
- They are super responsive and are always one phone call away to answer any question on the process. 
Love them and highly recommendation.

Chonlathip T. Concord, CA




“I want to say Patrick and Jira took care of my recent home purchase better then anyone I have dealt with to date. Very personal and caring about anything I was concerned with. I do have to say my last 2 home purchases were both different realtors and the transactions were fine.

That said... I sure didn't look them up for this home purchase... but this one was different. Patrick and Jira both went above and beyond to find the home I wanted. I love my new house!!!


Highly recommend!

Sara S. Las Vegas, NY


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